The Hottest, Trendiest Holiday Toys in Washington, DC


These little animals are in need of your help! When you open the box, you’ll just see a sad ball of matted fur, but after your bathe, dry, and brush them, you’ll discover what kind of pet was really inside!


These cute interactive toys react to touch and use their sounds and light-up eyes to tell you how they’re feeling. Plus, their twist and lock tails make them the perfect accessories to wear as a bracelet or hang on a backpack!

Twisty Petz

You can play with bejeweled Twisty Petz as little animals, or transform them into pretty bracelets or backpack accessories with a simple twist!


Hatchimals’ Hatchibabies are here! These cute furry robot babies hatch from eggs, then you can teach them to talk and play. Come in to see what the craze is all about! 


Similar to our L.O.L. Surprise toys, but filled with robots and slime! Open it, put it together, and make some slime. Swap with your friends to collect them all and customize your Mechbots!

Poopsie Slime Surprise

Make your own magical unicorn poop! With a little unicorn magic and sparkle, customize your unicorn poop and transform it multiple times.


Fingerlings are the next big thing in the toy world. These cute, interactive little monkeys fit right on your kids' fingers so they can travel with them wherever they go! We’ve got the newest ones - Untamed Raptors - in store now.

L.O.L. Dolls

These collectibles have seven layers of fun! Unwrap each layer for a surprise and a clue about which doll is hiding inside. 


Poopsie slime is here! Plus, check out our Slime Station for all kinds of slime from National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Slime Lab, Dino World, and more.


We've got DC's largest selection of Legos and get new shipments in all the time. From Ninjago to Duplo, LEGO Friends to Star Wars and Minecraft, we've got it all. Come visit us to see the latest including Harry Potter Hogwarts, Harry Potter Express, and LEGO Boost!


From wooden puzzles for your smallest children to the world's largest puzzle by Ravensburger, we've got perfect puzzles for the entire family.


We carry everything from the classics to new, educational games in store. Come in today to see our selection! 


Head to the back of our store for a full room of books for all ages, from babies to older children. 


We are Washington, DC's destination for high quality, classic wooden toys from top brands like BRIO and Melissa & Doug. Not only will your children love them, but many are also collectables! 

And More 

TY Beanie Babies, Corolle dolls, MicroKickboard scooters... the list goes on. Come visit us to see everything we've got in store!